Monday, April 25, 2011's been a year!!!!!LOL

hiiiiii my pitty bloggy..heheheheh...long time x update tup tup dh 1 year past so busy with everything tht have to be work,social life,family and off coz money money money money money 1000000xxxxxxx.....hehehehhehe

so for a new start at the new year..and off coz new version of me..hehehehe..alhamdullillah,begin with the new year,i just got my SAM last January and i call it as my BESDAY present for my self n the best thing it is from my hardwork for 2 years and half working tanpa mengire penat cuti yg terabai dan mcm2 lagi..but deeply from bottom of my heart,i'm so thankfull dgn rezeki yg di limpah kan...and now SAM is my official BOYFRIEND!!!!!!heheheh..LOL

so??????what as a start,what should i writte?????hmmmmm...maybe me gonna update what i'm passionate offff..kan?????? kalo yg i'm so passionate off coz la fashion especially handbags!!!!!ooooohhhhh i LUVVVVVVV HANDBAGS SO MUCH!!!!!!!so i'm gonna give me some time to think what i should share with my frens about tht..okkk?????so seee yaaa in the next post...daaaaaa